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merry Christmas!

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This is a late post but I just wanted to say merry Christmas!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

See pokémon summary

How to see your pokémon's summary

  • Go to a PC
  • Tap "SOMEONE'S PC" or "BILL'S PC"
  • Tap the pokémon that you want to see the summary of
  • Tap "SUMMARY"
  • Tap the pokéball with a bar above it that is half dark and half light in the bottom left corner. 

See Your Pokémon

                        You can see your pokémon by looking on a PC.
                There are different boxes. 13 boxes to be exact! 

catching pokémon

How to catch pokémon:

  1. You have to make it so the pokémon that you are battling has at least 5% HP left
  2. Throw a pokéball
  3. If the pokéball wiggles three times and it gets dark, clicks and stars shoot out, that means that you caught it.

Welcome to pokemon!

Welcome to pokemon!

Here you can:

  • find out how to catch pokemon on POKEMON HEART GOLD version
  • find out how to see your pokemon's summary
  • and much more!

      (all of my info is about POKEMON HEART GOLD version
                            HAPPY SEARCHING:})